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Background Checks
Background Checks need to be submitted every calendar year. OYSA Policy 801-1, Section 1.C. states that, "No adult may actively participate in the activities of the Association or any of its member clubs until that person has registered with the Association as an Administrator and has a risk status of Approved."
Who is Covered by it
Any person age of 16 or over who fills any of the following roles for OYSA or for an OYSA member club is covered by this policy: ​Board members, Employees, Coaches, Assistant coaches, Team Managers, Trainers, Other adult Volunteers, Referees who officiate an OYSA sponsored match
Do I have to do it again every year?
No. You begin a new application by selecting registration from your club's OYSA registration page, then entering your username and password. All of your account information will be brought into the new application. You only need to confirm the accuracy of that information or update it in order to apply. You will still be required to review and accept the electronic legal agreements for each application that you submit.
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