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MSC offers club play for kids 10 and up! 

MSC Competitive Soccer Program

Competitive soccer is meant for soccer players looking to take their abilities to the next level. Whether players are working towards high school soccer, a college scholarship or world cup championships, competitive youth soccer leagues will prepare them to perform their best.

This level of training is second to none. Players practice 2-3 times a week, and have 1-2 games on the weekends. There is extreme cardio training and skill development year round. Players are expected to come to every practice and every game without exception. MSC hosts a try-out event each spring to determine team rosters for league play that begins in the Fall Teams are typically formed after tryout events in May, with practices starting after July 4th. Teams practice and compete in tournaments during the Summer, and league play starts in the Fall. Many teams choose to organize indoor options in the winter, then again in early Spring.

Club fees are $700 per year, per player, however additional tournament, gear, or travel costs may be requested by your player's coach. Fees are reduced for families who volunteer with MSC at least 10 hours per year. These fees include practices and training all year, home games at Baker Field, and OYSA sanctioned state tournaments. Team uniform kits cost roughly $100, and must be purchased from Tursi's Soccer. Kits include a red jersey, red shorts, and red socks for away games, and a white jersey, white shorts, and white socks for home games. These uniform kits are required for every MSC player.

MSC teams travel all over Oregon to play soccer. Some divisions will travel to Bend and Medford, while other divisions travel to Salem or Sherwood. Home games for most divisions are on Baker Field at Mac High, and practices take place at Duniway Middle School, Dayton High School, or Baker Field. 

McMinnville Soccer Club Program
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Winter play is organized by team coaches or managers, with options to play indoor soccer and futsal at various venues around Portland, Hillsboro, Tualatin, and Salem. 

MSC hosts futsal at the McMinnville Community Center once a week. Schedule, rules, and information can be found here.

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