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Letter to Members from MSC Club President, Patrick Reuter July 2023

Dear MSC Club Members,

In our efforts to remake the McMinnville Soccer Club, we have made some significant changes to the structure and function of the club. Nothing could be farther from the excitement of seeing an MSC goal than are our Bylaws and Financial Policies. However, they govern the way that the club operates, and our laws were completely out of date. Our Secretary, Janice Peterson, spent many hours revising them to reflect our current club.

To implement these changes, we will put them to the club membership to vote them into effect at a Special Group Meeting to be held 6:30 September 20th, 2023. You are all invited to attend. We would also like to add four new Member at Large board positions, in addition to confirming the two we added at the AGM in February 2023, bringing our total to 15 board members. If you are interested in helping the club as a board member, please respond to and before September 15th so we can add you to the ballot. We have four open positions, and elections will be held at the SGM in September.

Please see the links to the proposed Bylaws and Financial Policies.

Thank you for your support,

Patrick Reuter

Club President


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